This month Google[i] decided to take offensive action against the browser extension Adblock Plus.[ii]

According to The Escapist[iii] ( ), Google disabled the Adblock Plus extension on YouTube[iv] for its Chrome[v] browser. Google management also engaged in what is perceived as punitive action against Adblock users by preventing them from skipping three-minute commercials. (YouTube usually allows users to skip a commercial after five seconds). Skeptics contend while it’s possible this ‘punitive action’ is just a bug in the new program, it doesn’t smother the gossip.Continue reading

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This coming year will mark the 20-year anniversary of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The Act gives patients control over their health information and defines boundaries for the use and disclosure of health records.

Much has changed in 20 years. If you want to compress updated wisdom into a short, effective seminar, see  This seminar, scheduled for September in San Diego, promises to keep us abreast of all that’s new in HIPAA compliance.​

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In communications, there are few mandates more important than speaking with conviction.

Too often, lawyers and thought leaders have been trained to force all comments through strong filters. They attempt to dilute a statement into utter meaninglessness for fear of the ever-present specter of the lawsuit or the enemy seizing the day. That may be their job. It’s not ours.

Euthanized apologetic tripe, by definition, sacrifices communications. Business is about convincing.Continue reading

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Do you want to know what they’re saying about your company in social media?

For those of us in the life sciences and healthcare space, listening apps are becoming more sophisticated and are beginning to find respective niches. These listening apps are critical in receiving patient feedback in hospitals. How was their stay? What did they think of the doctors? Social Media is a valuable tool for seeing what your patients have to say about you when they’re not saying it to you.Continue reading

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