Adblock Plus Extends Olive Branch?

In the latest episode in what has become an increasingly hot button issue in advertising. Adblock Plus,[i] the most popular adblocker, has decided to allow an external review board determine acceptable ads.

This comes on the heels of a court case where the plaintiff, Alex Springer, alleged that Adblock’s current program for determining acceptable ads was, itself, unacceptable. Though Adblock won the case, officials at Eyeo Gmbh, Adblock’s parent company, announced they want an independent board to review and choose acceptable ads to make it fairer to advertisers.

An Eyeo spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the board will be comprised of representatives from media brands, online publishers, advertising agencies and consumers. The board also will be given the flexibility to tweak the existing criteria for acceptable ads.

Primary Source: Accessed 10/02/2015.

[i] Adblock Plus is a trade name owned by Eyeo Gmbh, Im Klapperhog 7-23, 50670, Cologne, Germany

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