The Importance of Conviction

In communications, there are few mandates more important than speaking with conviction.

Too often, lawyers and thought leaders have been trained to force all comments through strong filters. They attempt to dilute a statement into utter meaninglessness for fear of the ever-present specter of the lawsuit or the enemy seizing the day. That may be their job. It’s not ours.

Euthanized apologetic tripe, by definition, sacrifices communications. Business is about convincing.

In the video above, Taylor Mali gives an eloquent response to the meaningless interactions we, as professionals, have in our day-to-day communications.

I was once told that if a lawyer isn’t convinced, the jury will almost always find against him. Putting aside the implications this has about a lawyer’s character, there is truth here. Effective business leaders say what they mean and do what they say.

In this age, people crave certainty. We as public relations and marketing communicators CANNOT speak apologetically and expect to build revenues. Even when we apologize, we need to speak with authority so the public KNOWS we will follow through. We should steer from the limp response of putting someone on camera whose manner of speech is passive. In this day, the most successful message will be the one that’s true and backed up by corporate good will.

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