Listening apps gain credibility in life science and health care



Do you want to know what they’re saying about your company in social media?

For those of us in the life sciences and healthcare space, listening apps are becoming more sophisticated and are beginning to find respective niches. These listening apps are critical in receiving patient feedback in hospitals. How was their stay? What did they think of the doctors? Social Media is a valuable tool for seeing what your patients have to say about you when they’re not saying it to you.


Here are a few apps we think merit today’s corporate scrutiny:

    • What it does: Monitors what patients are saying
    • Depth: 14,678 conditions; 24,456 medications
    • What it does: Monitors social media
    • Depth: Tracks Adverse Events comments; can tie in to your CRM, owned by IMS Health.
    • What it does: Monitors physicians on social media
    • Depth: Real-time insight; helps you determine KOL value
    • What it does: Inbound marketing with social media monitoring as a top-of-the-sales-funnel information tool
    • Depth: Segments into disease personas, stages, and severity


Do you have others you would consider?

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