3 Innovative Surprises That Add Email Sizzle

What happens when we think of each interaction as a hot opportunity to transform a bored consumer into a brand ambassador?

What happens when we jazz up our calls-to-action with better use of technology?

Idea 1:

Build email offers and innovative couponing so that each time a person shares an email or coupon, the offer’s value increases.

Idea 2:

Tweak your software that knows a person is a first-time customer and double the discount code/coupon for them at checkout – a surprise bonus – with a popup/register printout that welcomes them to an amazing customer experience.

Idea 3:

Add one button to your email blasts. When a recipient clicks on REFER, they send an auto-email to friend(s) that shows up as a testimonial or invitation to click, i.e., “Have you seen this great offer?” The sender’s thank you would be a discount code for a future purchase.

Bottom line: Have you been taking advantage of new technology to make every call-to-action just the beginning link to a surprising outcome?

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