Why should we invest in Social Media?

We’re often confronted by this question, especially when we’re meeting with The Boards of Trustees in hospital conference rooms.  There are some people who misconstrue our stance that ‘social media management alone is not enough’ as condemning the use of social media. This is a misconception; social media is a communications strategy that should not be ignored by any company.

So, what do we say when we’re asked, “Why Should we invest in Social Media?”

We respond:

 “It may be helpful to review how social media differs from traditional communications strategies.

  1. Social media’s audience reach is different. When you advertise in the newspaper or sponsor the health segment on the local news, you reach an audience that prioritizes news gathering. Social media is more likely to reach consumers who prioritize collaboration and interpersonal affirmation. Even with the news gathering consumers, you increase the number of times they interact with your messages. With the Steven Colbert entertainment-focused “news” viewers, you shower the message with easily recalled bites, almost as if you’re serving up news hors d’oeuvres. You reach individuals who may turn on but who don’t tune in to hard news.
  2. Social media allows you to increase message frequency at a very low cost. When you’re trying to build trust, you may need up to 26 conversations with the consumer before she is able to believe in your message. It may be helpful to think of a social media post as a single conversation.
  3. Immediacy is very important in some cases. Social media is a way to get your message out very close to a need. It’s nice to have a trusting relationship with the consumer so that when you need to stop a rumor or clarify news, your audience finds that message quickly.
  4. The ease of access to your message is helpful. Social media’s usability is excellent, which makes staying current more convenient for the busy consumer.
  5. Social media allows you to be a little more intimate and personal, more comfortable, with the consumer. The quality of the impact changes. It can be a warmer communication.
  6. Finally, social media’s longevity is different. Social media continues to get traction as long as it’s shared. People can help you spread the good news. “

Social media, controlled appropriately, can be a tremendous asset whenever you want to have strong, ongoing communications with others in your community. As we’ve said before, social media management alone is not marketing, but these reasons are why we continue to encourage our clients (and you) to invest in it.

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