We’re often confronted by this question, especially when we’re meeting with The Boards of Trustees in hospital conference rooms.  There are some people who misconstrue our stance that ‘social media management alone is not enough’ as condemning the use of social media. This is a misconception; social media is a communications strategy that should not be ignored by any company.

So, what do we say when we’re asked, “Why Should we invest in Social Media?”

We respond:

 “It may be helpful to review how social media differs from traditional communications strategies.Continue reading

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After two decades of watching clients develop amazingly sophisticated website metrics, we’ve learned there are two rules for designing website key performance indicators:

  1.  Keep them clear.
  2. Don’t have more than three on the C-Level Dashboard.

We love Big Data.  Nothing else in history has given us the ability to make such informed decisions. Yet an unstructured data funnel leaves client teams with information overload.  In order to handle the overwhelming amount of data, the data shuffling department staff numbers grow.  Information that drives decisions becomes bogged down, secondary to data acquisition, analysis and report generation.  You’re back to missed deadlines and sloppy information management.

What works for most of our clients, especially those without impressive content analytics teams?* Continue reading

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