Real World Marketing: The Chick-fil-A Experience

I just left Chick-fil-A, happy to have had the privilege of watching great management in action.  A teenage gentleman caught my eye – along with the attention of six other customers in line.  (Let me get dopey for a second.)  That guy’s cheek-to-cheek grin was a ticket to encouraging the heart – this guy was happy to be himself today.  He stood next to a high-school-age colleague, stationed behind the busy counter and leaning toward her active cash register.  She was smiling, too, but it was that sweet, polite smile you expect when you go to Chick-fil-A, and she had just greeted the next in line.

You could sense my all-of-a-sudden-favorite teen food service professional didn’t want to interrupt, but this guy was too excited to postpone conversation.

“He told me I was an outstanding employee.”

Immediately, six customers transformed from disengaged to genuinely delighted for this guy.  Me, too.  I was refreshed.

There’s a message in that.

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