From folklore spun by a campfire to sitcoms played out on Sunday evening television; from Grimm’s fairytales to Harry Potter, storytelling has been part of human culture since the dawn of communication.

I like to imagine that the first tale was told over dinner, a primitive version of the nuclear family gathered around a simple meal, their silhouettes outlined by the glow of a fire. Sitting face-to-face, they gestured, signed and sounded out a story about who they were, where they’d been and where they wanted to go. And in that moment relationships would be forever changed.

Throughout history, stories have conveyed our values, hopes and dreams. They are a medium through which we can see how we are unique, and yet they highlight the similarities that bind us in our journey.

The dawn of technology, however, left many of us wondering whether the art of storytelling is threatened by an ever-increasing tendency towards the impersonal nature of a fast-paced, productivity-driven world. Is an automated response on Facebook to a customer service question just as effective as real person-to-person interaction? Is letting others know who we are destined to become a figment of times gone by?

Here at The Signature Agency, we believe that the art of storytelling is as important now as it’s ever been.

While the tools have changed, the basic desire for human contact, for empathy, and for a belonging to something larger than ourselves has not. And while we may not be able to rid the world of widespread teen-texting epidemics or Twitter marriage proposals, we’re making it our mission to use the very technology blamed for distancing us from each other to bring us back together.

We believe it’s amazing how clearly time, effort and a creative human touch can shine through when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, email or blogs. So in the age-old tradition, we’re asking you to tell us your story with the promise that we’ll pass it on over the digital age equivalent of a campfire reward with friends.

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